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Twangmeister Artistes
David Broadley

David was already a hugely successful recording and performing artiste in his native New Zealand before moving to the UK in 2004. David performs constantly on the club and corporate scene across the UK as one of the top cabaret artistes around. In the last couple of years David has had two Country albums produced here at Twangmeister Studios using some of the best musicians on the scene. And those albums are both available here from Twangmeister.


Baby Blue is an album of great country covers. While Aotearoa features great original material from top Nashville writers along with local songwriters and one self-penned song too.

Dan Wesley

Award-winning UK Country

and Gospel Artist

Marguerite Devonshire

Gospel Singer from


Jake Reed 

Gospel Singer


Aotearoa Preview - David Broadley

8.   Patiently Waiting

9.   The Meaning of the Word

10.  In The Night Time

11.  LaCabana Cafe

12.  I'd Love You To Want Me

13.  Aotearoa

14.  Aotearoa (Radio Mix)

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Buy CD  £8.99

1.   Thanks For Nothing

2.   Waiting For The Music to Start

3.   Y.O.U.

4.   All That I Can Be

5.   Show Me

6.   Somebody Stop Me

7.   Trailer Park Trash


by David Broadley

Baby Blue Preview - David Broadley

7.   Your Love Amazes Me

8.   Danny Boy

9.   Dance The Night Away

10.  Halfway To Paradise

11.  My Special Angel

12.  Sweet Gypsy Rose

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Buy CD  £8.99

1.   Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye

2.   Let Your Love Flow

3.   Baby Blue

4.   Honky Tonk Baby

5.   Drivin' My Life Away

6.   Moody Blue

Baby Blue

by David Broadley

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