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If you are an artist or band who has already recorded your next project but need to take the finished result to the next level, then you will need your tracks professionally mixed to a radio-ready standard. This requires more than just great gear and a great room, it requires an engineer with great ears. Someone who not only has great tools at their disposal but the experience and knowledge of how to get the best out of them.


With 15 years of ear-training and over a decade producing professional mixes, Dan Wesley can take your music to that next level. Dan is a musician

and arranger as well as a mixer, meaning that every aspect of your mix will receive the professional and knowledgeable touch. And with several award-winning mixes under his belt, you can be confident that your music will shine after the Twangmeister treatment. 

All levels of mixing can be catered for here, whether your basic mix-and-go, full editing including comping and vocal tuning, to mixes requiring more creative contributions. And at prices you'll rarely see anywhere else. Contact Dan and have your music Mixed by the Twangmeister.

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